Chris Gunn


An innovator in the genres of ambient and drone, Chris Gunn has been exploring the uncharted depths of outer space since 2001.

Chris Gunn’s works are uniquely long form, which allows the listener to completely immerse themselves in the experience. To that end, his fans have gifted him his own genres: galactic core and deep space music.


Terminal Wavestate – Track listing:

1. Alpha Zero

New Horizons – Track listing:

1. Searching
2. Deep Blue

Out of the Void – Track listing:

1. The Signal
2. Telemetry
3. Interstitial
4. Blue Shift
5. Red Shift

Inner Universe – Track listing:

1. Galorndon Core
2. Nebula Mensae
3. From Out Of Darkness
4. Galactus Eternus
5. Ice Rings

Probe – Track listing:

1. Silent Running
2. Event Horizon
3. Spectrum Analysis
4. Solar Winds
5. Transmission Anomaly
6. Hyper Sleep