Nature Sounds Moose River

I’ve always used various apps of nature sounds to listen to on a loop when I’m sleeping. However many of them are subscription based (which I am no fan of) and feature random audio drop outs to nag you into upgrading.

I’ve also always wanted to start doing field recordings and make my own nature sounds for relaxing or sleeping and so I figured why not and also offer it to others, right?

So last October, I went up to my parent’s place in the Adirondacks and I took several field recordings of the rapids at Moose River. I used multiple tracks to give it a bit of stereo spread and a high pass filter, to cut out the wind noise. It’s 15 minutes long and loops perfectly!

I use it nightly and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. If you like, you can buy it right from Band Camp, or just stream it with your subscription on Amazon, Spotify or Itunes. Just make sure you set your audio player to loop the track and enable gapless playback, if it supports it. No upgrading required!

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